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About Marked.

Here at Marked. We bring over twenty years of printing, design, and marketing expertise to you so you aren’t simply getting a t-shirt. We are here to help you make your mark.

Who's helping you.

Eddie Zansler

"The Beard"
"The Beard"

People have been known to refer to Eddie as, “The smartest friend they have”…and that is because he knows how to make things run smoothly and with the outcome you want.

Anthony Addy

"King of Screens"

Anthony has been printing for over twenty years and is known for being a bit more than just a little “OCD”. Which is why your stuff comes out so amazing.

Emily King

"Chaotic but Creative"

Straight forward, creative, holds nothing back. Lucky for you she is here to help you with your t-shirts and you will probably want to hang out with her too.


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